– A Cute Shooter Or Waste Of Time ? is an online-based multiplayer First-Person Shooter game. It’s a fast-paced shooter with a lively and competitive group of players. There are four games and maps, as well as many custom maps/game modes. You can play with seven various weapons and 4 distinct heroes. The shop lets you purchase skins for your heroes as well as camos for your weapons. Invite your friends to join by posting the link on the lobby’s screen and play the game with friends!

It is possible to play Venge io entirely without cost on your PC smartphone, mobile phone, or tablet. There is no need to download you can play the game through your web browser. For PCs, we offer full-screen mode. You can enjoy having fun playing for free on Poki and perhaps we’ll meet you on the high on the list of leaderboards!

You can choose to play as 4 distinct heroes; Lilium, Shin, Echo and Kulu. The characters all have distinct capabilities and different play styles. Lilium her most powerful ability is the grenade that deals damaging to the entire area. Additionally she can use a melee skill which can deal close-range damage using the Hammer. Shin is the main weapon Shin has, the shuriken that deals damage and casts an attack on the opponent. Additionally Shin also has the ability to melee, which means that it is possible to plow into the enemy and inflict harm. Echo the main power of Echo can be described as a throw axe, which is a weapon of destruction and can cast spells on the enemies. Additionally is a melee capability, and grappling hook that which you can point at something and allow it to grab you to that location. There is the new character Kulu. We invite you to see for the capabilities of Kulu. was developed by Cem Demir, who is Cem Demir. Cem has launched in the year 2020.