Google Feud – A puzzle game based on internet searches

Google Feud is a new reimagining of a game show on television in which contestants are presented with different phrases and are required to try their best guesses of the way the audience will complete the sentences. One of the challenges is think of the most popular responses are, and not necessarily which is the most rational. In this instance, the results are built on Google autocomplete suggestions which means that the aim of the player is to determine the most frequently searched variant of a particular query.

Each Google Feud game begins by selecting the appropriate category from four. There are words that have roots in the general public, personal and personal issues, well-known celebrities and questions of all kinds. For instance “Why do I have a problem with my skin? …” is oily?” – what is the most well-known answer to this query? There are many who try to figure out the reason their skin is oily or dry. Both options are likely to be on the first page of results and give you an amount of points. The more chances you make the more difficult it becomes. If you fail to make three guesses, the game will end and you’ll have to play again.

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